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2017 Rutledge Elementary Basketball Schedule


   Rutledge Elementary Basketball Schedule 2017




Date                                      Opponent                                           Location


October 23                              Joppa                                               Joppa


October 24                             Horace Maynard                                 Rutledge


October 30                             Jefferson Middle                                 Jefferson Middle


November 2                           Washburn                                          Rutledge


November 6                          Bean Station                                      Bean Station


November 9                          Joppa                                                Rutledge


November 13                       Hancock                                             Rutledge


November 14                       Washburn                                          Washburn


November 16                      Bean Station                                      Rutledge


November 27                      Jefferson Middle                                 Rutledge


November 28                      Horace Maynard                                 Horace Maynard 


November 30                     Hancock                                            Hancock                                        


December 4                     Tournament                                          Washburn


December 5                     Tournament                                          Washburn


Ø  All Girls Games Begin At 6:00pm and All Boys Games Begin At 7:00pm