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6th Grade Supply List 2017-2018
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Monday, May 22, 2017
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RES 6th Grade Supply List 2017-2018


General Supplies:

Ø  Pencils (Needed EVERY DAY)

Ø  Black or Blue Pens AND Red Pens (for checking work)

Ø  Loose Leaf Paper (wide rule) Paper is needed ALL year long

Ø  Colored Pencils

Ø  Sharpie (permanent marker, any dark color)

Ø  Scissors

Ø  Elmer’s liquid glue, not glue sticks

Ø  Index Cards with lines (pack of 300)

Ø  Sheet Protectors (50 count)

Ø  Highlighters (4 different colors-total of 4 highlighters, 1 has to be yellow)

Ø  Post-it Notes (1 pack for each class)



Ø  A 3- or 5- subject spiral notebook

Ø  Pack of Pencils & Pack of Erasers (to teacher)

Ø  Keep in mind a pencil is needed everyday for Math class!

Ø  5 pack Dry Erase Markers, any color. (for student use)



Language Arts:

Ø  1-----3 Ring Binder Notebook (3 inch)

Ø  2- 70 Sheet Spiral Notebook***Will only be used for Language Arts class

Ø  Tab Dividers (total of 5)



Ø  3 Ring Binder Notebook (3 inch) NOT one with a zipper.

Ø  70 Sheet Spiral Notebook ***Will be kept in Science binder.

Ø  ***These notebooks will be used everyday. They cannot be used for other classes.

Ø  Tab Dividers (total of 5)

Ø  2G USB Flash Drive (will be kept in Mrs. Melanie’s class)

Ø  Science Fair Board (not needed until January)

Ø  1 box gallon OR quart size Ziploc baggies


Social Studies:

Ø  70 Sheet Spiral Notebook.


Home Room Supplies: (If you canJ)

Ø  2 Boxes of Kleenex and 1 roll of paper towels (used in Science class)

Ø  Bottle of Germ-X/Germicide

JAny supplies that cannot be purchased at this time can be supplied so the student does not get behind. Please bring it to our attention early so we can help!


No backpacks for 6th graders, they will be issued a locker to store their belongings. They may bring a bag to carry books home, for homework, but this will not be allowed in the classrooms. Also drinks/cups will not be allowed in classes on a daily basis.

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