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Mr. Toby's History Class
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Monday, April 06, 2020

Note:  Most of this will be done using some type of technology.

  1. Draw an arrowhead, spear, and axe that early humans may have used.
  2. List 5 domesticated animals.
  3. List 5 specialized jobs.
  4. Draw an example of irrigation.
  5. Draw a Ziggurat.
  6. List 2 of Hammurabi's Code laws.
  7. Draw all the continents.
  8. List all the world's oceans.
  9. List the ten commandments.
  10. List the ten plagues of Egypt.
  11. Draw, what you think, Noah's Ark looked like.
  12. Draw and label a map of ancient Egypt.
  13. List the Egyptian gods and their jobs.
  14. Who were the greatest Pharaohs in your opinion, research each one.
  15. List India's Caste system.
  16. What is the basic belief if Hinduism?
  17. What is the basic beliefs of Buddhism?
  18. Research and read about Chandragupta.
  19. Research and read about Asoka.
  20. List all the Ancient Chinese Dynasties.
  21. List two things Sun Tzu teaches in the Art of War.
  22. Research and read about Shi. Hauangdi.
  23. Draw the Trojan Horse used in the Trojan War.
  24. List the Greek city-states.
  25. Draw a Spartan shield and helmet.
  26. List all the Greek gods and their jobs.
  27. Read about the difference between a Direct and a Representative democracy.
  28. Read about the Greek poet Homer.
  29. Research and read about Alexander the Great.
  30. Research and read about the Romans Julius Caesar and Cicero.
  31. Draw and label a map of the Roman Empire.
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