The Grainger County School Nutrition Program offers a variety of nutritional foods. Students are encouraged to try new foods and helped to make their food choices. Menus are printed and sent home each month. Menus may change due to weather, problems with delivery of foods, field trips, etc.


An application for free and/or reduced meals will be sent home with all students. Once the form is returned to school, parents will be notified within a few days of its approval or denial.


Meal prices are as follows: (Updates will be provided if prices change).


                                LUNCH                                 BREAKFAST

                Free                        $. 00                      Free                        $. 00

                Reduced                   $. 40                      

                Paying    K-3     $1.75                   Paying K-12          $1.00      

                            4-8         $2.00                          Staff         $1.50

                            9-12      $2:25                           Visitor        $2.00

                Staff                      $3.50                          

               Visitors                   $4.00                                              

                Holiday Meal      $6.00     


Students are not permitted to leave the school during lunch, and may not have food delivered to them by anyone other than their parents. Students may bring their lunches if they wish. Lunch and/or breakfast may be purchased by the day, or in advance by the week, or month. Students may not charge their meals.


Remember that your lunchroom is your school dining room. Courteous manners and quiet, pleasant conversations are appropriate here as in any home where there are guests, or as in any public place. You are required to obey the lunchroom assistants just as any teacher or principal.