Bus Rules

The Grainger County Board of Education has the discretion to furnish transportation services to the students of the local community. The students have the privilege of riding a school bus to and from school provided the student conducts himself/herself within the rules and regulations as defined by the State Board of Education. The school bus driver is responsible for the safety and discipline of the students while transporting them to and from school. If a student does not conduct himself/herself in the proper manner while riding a school bus, the only action a bus driver or principal can take in such cases is to have the student to furnish his/her own transportation.

1. Bus drivers command the same authority on the busses as do your parents

                     while you are at home or your teacher while you are at school.

                2. Once seated, the student will not change seats without permission from the


                3. Drivers may assign seats.

                4. No dangerous toys, drink bottles, or glass in any form is permitted on the bus.

                5. The use of tobacco in any form is not permitted.

                6. Excessive noise is prohibited.      

             7. Pupils will not be let off the bus except at home and school. If parents wish

                     otherwise, they must send a note to the principal. Permission is granted

                    depending upon the bus load limit.

                8. Buses will not stop at stores for purchases. (In violation of state law)

                9. No objects will be thrown on or form the bus.         

         10. Pupils will pay for deliberate damage done to the bus, destruction of


         11. Pupils will obey the drivers without back-talk, will not be rude, discourteous,

                   or annoying.

         12. Vulgar language is prohibited.

         13. No student is to have any part of his/her body out the window.

         14. No student is to stand in the doorway.

         15. Fighting, pushing, and tripping is prohibited.

         16. Only students and Grainger County Board of Education employees are

                     allowed to board the bus.