In addition to our basic school discipline, students shall be subject to suspension or unlimited expulsion from attendance at school or from riding a school bus for, but not limited to, the following reasons:


                1. FIGHTING:

                     1st offense – 2 days in-school suspension. Parent notification.

                     2nd offense – 3 days in-school suspension. Parent notification.

                     3rd offense – Alternative School Assignment (minimum of 30 days)


                     A student may be petitioned for fighting to juvenile court.

                     Prior disciplinary offenses shall be considered in making determination.




                     A student leaving school without permission:


1st offense: Assigned one day of After-School Suspension. Failure to attend After School        

     would result in a placement in the Alternative School for 8-45 days.


                     2nd offense: Student would be placed in the Alternative School for a 8-45

                       day assignment.


                3. Immoral or disreputable conduct


                4. Violence or threatened violence against a person or personnel attending or

                  assigned to the school. (See zero-tolerance policy)                                                                    


             5. Marking, defacing, or destroying school property or the property of any      

person attending or assigned to the school.


          6. Possession of dangerous weapons on school property. (See zero-tolerance

                     policy) This may also result in criminal action taken by law enforcement



                7. Assaulting a teacher or any school personnel with vulgar, obscene or

                     threatening language.


                8. Inciting, advising, or counseling others to engage in any of the acts herein

                     before mentioned.


                9. Any other conduct prejudicial to good order or discipline in the school.



All suspensions will be in writing on the day of the occurrence to the director with a copy being sent to the student’s parents. The written notification shall contain the reason for the suspension and the exact day on which the student should return to school or can again ride the bus. In the case of suspension from riding the bus only, the bus driver shall be informed. Detention may be substituted for suspension in some cases.