Dress Code


It is very much desired that the clothes worn by the students reflect the good taste of the person and family from which they come. Both girls and boys are expected to dress in a respectable manner for school.


Shorts, skirts, and skorts shall be hemmed and worn at mid-thigh length or longer and be worn at the waist. T-shirts and tops shall fall below the waist. Articles of clothing shall not have written slogans, messages or symbols which contain advertisement of drugs, alcohol, vulgar or sexually explicit messages (direct or implied) or promote racial discord. Any article of clothing that is too tight and/or too revealing is unacceptable. Tank tops and full length coats are not allowed. Hats, caps, hoods, headbands, or other head wear are not to be worn inside the school building. Shoes or other footwear must be worn at all times.


All facial jewelry shall be limited to the ear.


In grades K-3, shorts of appropriate length are allowed. The mid-thigh rule does not apply.


The principal and the faculty shall determine the appropriateness of dress and grooming to the school situation. When in the opinion of the principal, a student is not attired appropriately or exhibits grooming that is detrimental to the school environment, appropriate action shall be taken.




                1st offense – Parent notification. Informed to bring appropriate clothing to school.

                If not possible, shirt will be worn inside out. (Isolation for inappropriate shorts,


                2nd offense – One (1) day in- school suspension.

                Additional Occurrences – Appropriate action will be taken.