It is our philosophy that school is a place where teachers have a right to teach and students have the right to learn. To assist with putting this philosophy into action, we have adopted a school-wide positive behavior support plan to clarify expectations and guidelines for student behavior. Our program here is called the PIONEER PROGRAM. A Pioneer is a person who goes before and prepares the way for others to follow. Be a Pioneer and lead by example!!! Our school-wide expectations are as follows:


                1. Be Respectful.

                2. Be Responsible.

                3. Be Ready.


Our school has developed and will provide each student with a copy of a matrix which provides behavior expectations and procedures for different areas and/or functions within the school. Examples and non-examples of appropriate school and classroom behavior will be modeled and clarified for students as part of our PIONEER PROGRAM.




In addition to the school-wide rules, each teacher will have his/her own classroom rules posted in his/her room. The follow check system will be used school wide. Students will have the opportunity to earn reward activities every three weeks.